The site’s goal is to collect those information what is necessary to develop the binocular vision.

It contains practices, information, videos and therapeutic manuals.

At practices you typically find a short description where you get a picture about the exercise and you can find the details int the attached PDF file.

The site assist those people who haven’t developed a right binocular vision.

Tipically, the binocular vision don’t evolved if somebody has squint, (inward strabismus, out strabismus), lazy eye, latent squint (alternate squint) or amblyopia.

Information and practices are not age-bound, these can be used from 0 to infinity.

The instructions and practices what you can find on the site not only for children, adults also can benefit from these.

Everything in this site is just a recommendation, what doesn’t provide absolut success treatment (Use information from this site at your own risk).