Barrel Card

General benefits

It develops the ability of divergence and convergence especially the close convergence ability.

What’s our purpose with it?

Our purpose that our eyes work together as a team and we practice the divergence and convergence eye movements.

How is it look like and what is recquired to it?

It is a card with 3 different sized barrels. These barrels can be found in each side of the card in different color-pairs.

Barrel Card

Barrel Card

Usage guide:

1. Hold the card between the index and the thumb on lower edge of the card.

2. Hold the card against the bridge of the nose with the chin slightly elevated so that the smallest barrel is closest to the nose.

3. Try to see the first, second and third barrel pairs that the one we see that is a mixture of the red and green colors. The other two barrels should be seen as double.

4. You have to try to keep the barrels at focus for 5 seconds. Do it in backwards too.

5. Repeat  the fourth point 10 more times.

What next?

Barrel Card


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