Free space fusion card – Eccentric Circles

General benefits

It is used to develop the positive and negative image fusion and it helps in eye convergence and divergence.

What’s our purpose with it?

Our purpose that your eyes work together as a team then we can merge the two images of our eyes.

How is it look like and what is recquired to it?

It contains two cards what can be diaphanous (divergence) or not (convergence). In each lower corner of the cards are a letter as “A” and “B”. In the middle of the cards there is a bigger circle and in this there is a smaller circle and in the smaller circle there is a short word eg.: CLEAR. The two cards are mirror images. It can be bought or it can be made at home. We can draw the pattern ourselves or we can print it (print is better because there couldn’t be a lot of differences).



Usage guide:

1. Hold the cards against the bridge of nose so that the letter “A” is the closest to the nose.

2. Hold closely the cards 40 cm from your eyes.

3. Try to focus the air before the cards and cross the images. (If it isn’t succed you can use an aid eg.: a pointer or a pencil).



4. If everything is succed you should be seen 3 cards. Focus the middle of the cards and listen that the inner circles shifts to compensate each other.

5. Try to read the word in the middle of the smaller circel clearly.

The exercise can be easier or more difficult eg.: with the pointer.

What next?

Eccentric Circles


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