General benefits

This type of exercise helps to teach the brain to fuse the image that see each eyes into one.

What’s our purpose with it?

Practice of image fusion and improvement os convergence and divergence skills.

How is it look like and what is required to it?

Red/green glasses and a  kind of tranaglyph target.

Usage guide:

Tranaglyphs (the red and green targets) utilize the red/green glasses to present similar but slightly different images to each eye. The lenses have the effect of cancelling the target of the same color. Each eye is presented with a separate image. The brain should then fuse the two separete images into one three-dimensional image. In general you should keep the target in  reading distance (eg: 40 cm), while you practicing. The goal of the exercise is to hold the fused image as long as possible and to regain a fused image as soon as possible. Work for 5-10 minutes per session.



Variable Tranaglyphs

Variable Tranaglyphs

Red\Green Glass

Red\Green Glass



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