Face to Face

General benefits?

It helps to develop the ability of fusion.

What’s our pupose with it?

Our purpose to stop the supression of the incorrect eye (what is suppressed by the dominant eye)

How is it look like and what is recquired to it?


– one assistant

– two 3D glasses


– one 3D glasses

– mirror

Usage guide:

1. Both people have to put up the 3D glasses.

2. Sit or stand in front of each other then the distance could be 60-90 cm between them.

3. If there isn’t any dominant eye you have to see the both two eyes of the opposite person across the glasses. If there is a dominant eye you just see one eye of the opposite person simultaneously (the other glass will be dark and not transparent).

4. If you want to see both of the eyes change the distances, twinkle more and rest your eyes with coverage methods.

5.The exercise is succeed if you can see both eyes simultaneously.

What next?

Details: Vis


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